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The Orriant Personal Health Coaching Program is designed to help you live a more full and productive life. Your personal Orriant health coach will assist you along your journey to proper nutrition, motivation, a healthy weight and overall positive well-being.

Our mission is to engage people in the management of their own health and wellness through motivation, education, and individualized support.

Your coach helps create opportunities for you to discover your potential and develop your capability as you work to achieve your best self. You will create a unique partnership with your coach that includes:

  • Motivation
  • Goal Setting
  • Goal Tracking
  • Encouragement
  • Celebrating your Successes
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Wellness Portal

Your Orriant Wellness portal OWP provides you with a personal wellness dashboard, which gives you a quick look at your progress on the goals you have selected to work towards.

It is a place where you can track progress on your goals with complete privacy. Your OWP allows you to communicate with your coach, track health scores and dig deeper into learning about your health.

Participant Success

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“I’d like to chase my grandkids around, so I’m motivated. I enjoy working with my coach who gives me a lot of ideas. It’s nice to have a coach in your corner.”

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“I’m eating healthier and exercising, which helps me in my health and attitude. My coach helped me start and is keeping me accountable.”

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"Losing weight and keeping it off has always been a challenge. Now that I have someone who doesn’t judge or shame me, it’s beneficial to talk about the slips and having the right person, my Orriant health coach, to re-motivate me, I have lost weight and kept it off.”

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“I have lost weight. I’ve stopped smoking cigarettes. I feel healthy and happy. I am eating healthier and taking control of my life.”

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“My coach motivates me to eating a little bit healthier and to go to the gym. I have been slowly losing weight, and I know that I will achieve my goals.”

Our Pricing

Orriant Health Coaching

$ 40.00

per month

  • Monthly Auto Renewal
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